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Pragmatic Paramedics

Jan 20, 2020

PragMedics interview a distinguished psychologist very well versed in mental health but, more specifically, high-stress situations and candidate selection within the military's special warfare groups. He has published several peer-reviewed articles on the topic, and we ask him the down and dirty about how stress impacts us as EMS and paramedic professionals.

As we all know, stress is something we all confront. However, the question is, are we prepared for it, and what does it take it to manage these situations? George Steffian Ph.D. answers all of these questions during this episode of the Pragmatic Paramedics.

Finally, thanks to Matthew Heneghan and my uncle for the new intro and logo. Without their help, we would still be an inorganic podcast. Keep in mind, this is a bare-bones paramedic podcast and is meant to be like chatting in the front of your rig, so being original and using homegrown graphics and music is one of our goals.

We are here to support the EMS industry and improve overall professionalism within our ranks. Thank you for listening and supporting us.

George Steffian -

Matthew Heneghan (music and intro) – author of A Medics Mind