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Pragmatic Paramedics

Feb 8, 2020

**Special Note: We are releasing this week’s episode a few days early to ensure everyone has time to listen and process the heart-wrenching story. This episode is a discussion with the founder of a foundation we are passionate about at PragMedics. David Hughes tells a story about a series of errors that resulted in the death of his son and some of the initiatives to help prevent this type of story from happening again.**

In this episode, the guys discuss what can happen when paramedics do not follow protocols, procedures, checklists, and use all of the tools at his or her disposal.

David Hughes, Drew Hughes' father, is the guest today and talks about how his son (13) was taken from him and his family due to an unrecognized misplaced endotracheal tube. Please listen in to what David has to say about Drew's untimely death and the story that caused it.

Please support the Do It For Drew Foundation by donating, you can donate directly or through our site at

Thank you for listening.