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Pragmatic Paramedics

Apr 27, 2020

This week, the PragMedics with Jonathon "Scooby" Friedman discuss sepsis. This is our first clinical episode.  We will be offering The "I Had This Patient..." series once a month and during will discuss a variety of clinical topics. Jonathon is a critical care paramedic that recently completed a BSN program.  

In this episode, he discussed the treatment of sepsis patients and gives some tips and tricks for treating these patients.  Its a great episode - The PragMedics learned some new ways to help treat sepsis in the field.  Thanks for listening!

Be sure to follow Scooby at the Saint Fisher Church of EBM on Facebook and IG! Also, check out the Pragmatic Paramedics website, Facebook, IG, and Twitter!

As always, we want to thank our supporters: Black Wolf Helicopters, SayAgainOver, and finally Pelican, but also and more importantly to our listeners!