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Pragmatic Paramedics

Mar 15, 2023

In this episode we discuss trauma airway management with Doc Godfrey (CricEm if you got

Doc sits down with us as we look at a paper from The Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery
which discusses prehospital definitive airway not being associated with improved survival in
trauma patients.

Trauma airway...

Feb 22, 2023

As EMS providers we know all too well about violence, trauma, and the associated dangers of the job but we tend to struggle with what to do when we encounter violent scenes that involve our brothers and sisters in law enforcement and the patients we are committed to care for. 

However, what happens when the line we need...

Feb 15, 2023

As we hop back in the saddle we want to a reaffirm our commitment to this industry through providing you with quality insight and information about clinical practice and evidence based medicine as well current events. 

We are you, not experts by any standard and hope that our conversations help improve the quality of...

Jun 21, 2021

In this episode, the PragMedics talk with Dr Timothy Durkin and  discuss Heat Stroke, the signs, symptoms, myths, and of course treatment modalities. The boys and Dr. Durkin look to find practical ways for street level providers to identify and treat heat stroke. Dr Durkin provides the listeners with useful tips...

May 31, 2021

In this episode, Jason and Scooby (Aaron was on shift doing real work) sit down with Ryan Kerr to discuss his free online ventilator book, reasons for writing and publishing a free book, and other ventilator thoughts.  Ryan is a current medic/nurse who flies for AirMethods in the Southwest. This is one of our...